Home Disclaimer
Everyone’s experience on here will be different. Some individuals can or may be contacted for numerous sparring sessions throughout their 2-year contract, the possibility is there that some individuals may not be contacted at all. This would all depend on an individual’s skill sets (or lack thereof), location, availability, experience, etc.… This being the case, there is no guarantee that you will be contacted by another fighter for a sparring session. However, your level of success can be dependent upon several factors, including your ability to accurately sell yourself. Your ability to sell yourself (key word being accurate), can and will prevent your application from being held up or denied. Sparring Partners Online, will make every effort available to properly screen, verify and vet every applicant to make certain that they are presenting an accurate representation of who they are and what skills they have to offer. This screening process will not only be done for the integrity of our company, but also to protect you from wasting time with someone that was not being forthcoming with what they truly had to bring to the table.