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Here at Sparring Partners Online Worldwide, we offer you the opportunity to find a sparring partner that will help you to best prepare you for your next fight, but we can also help you invest in yourself.

Utilizing our site means you may have opportunities to be contacted by other fighters that are looking to train with someone of your level and skillset. This can be in preparation for an upcoming fight or just to increase their skills in order to expand on their arsenal. When these training exchanges happen, there is a fair expectation of compensation. Negotiate your rate with the other fighter and decide for yourself what your time is worth.

Sparring Partners Online Worldwide is a global firm, which means we’re a great way to increase your exposure both locally and worldwide.

At Sparring partners online worldwide, we’re looking to create a network that is accessible. Gone are the days when word of mouth was the only way to have your skills recognized and compensated. We’re also passionate about helping teams save money. Our service allows you to leave members of your camp at home and reduce food, travel and hotel costs.

If you’re looking to buy or sell fighting gear and equipment as well as expertise, our classifieds section can help you do just that.

If you think we could help you and your team, don’t hesitate to contact us. Join now. Free for 2021 and then after that, a low price of only $25 for 2 years.

Our intuitive site design allows clients to search in a detailed way so they can find their ideal partner. Narrow down your search based on location, weight class, skillset and more. This ensures you aren’t wasting your time with a partner that isn’t helping you meet your goals.

You Should Join:

  • If you are a fighter, and you’re looking for that perfect individual that matches the make-up of your upcoming opponent
  • If you are a fighter, and you and your gym do not find it affordable to travel with your usual sparring partners or are looking to cut costs and looking for something that is more cost-effective. Our worldwide service means you can find someone that’s right for you anywhere.
  • If you are a veteran fighter and are looking to earn some extra money by sharing some of your ring expertise
  • If you are a coach, and you are looking to expand the number of pupils you work with
  • If you are a coach, and you are looking to find the best sparring partner for one of your pupils for an upcoming fight
  • If you are a fight gym, coach or fighter that is regularly selling off or looking to buy new fight gear via our classified section
  • If you are a fighter just looking to get exposure via our Featured Community Section
  • If you are a fight promoter wishing to advertise a show on our Shows and Products Page
  • If you are a gym and you are looking to advertise your gym on our Shows and Products Page