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Red Hot Rob Frankel

Colorado’s long time boxing bad boy Rob Frankel sits down with Sparring Partners. Robert holds wins over many tough veterans like Mike González, Michael Stewart, Ramón Montaño, Bobby Pacquiao, and Ricardo Dominguez.

1. What first got you into boxing? How old were you when you first put-on gloves?
I was not living my best life, I was on some hard drugs, and a chain smoker. I met someone in a bar while I was waiting for my dealer, they asked me if I wanted to buy some tickets to a fight, and I from some reason said, “I don’t want to buy tickets, I want to fight” two days later I was putting gloves on for the first time I was 22 years old.

2. What boxers were your inspiration?
All I knew before I started boxing was Mike Tyson, but as I started getting more involved, I came to love Muhammad Ali, and Sugar Ray Leonard. Great Champions to look up to in and out of the ring.
3. What do you think your biggest strength was in the ring? What do you think was probably your biggest weakness?
My Biggest Strength I believe was in the Gym, I never had an amateur career or background, so I worked hard to be my best, my conditioning was always top tier. My Weakness I believe was actually my beliefs in myself, I held myself back a lot because I did not have belief in myself. Limiting beliefs can kill dreams. A lesson I have learned and now try to give to my fighters.
4. Who would have been a dream match for you, past or present fighter?
A dream match for me, and for fans that I know would have been Red Hot Rob Frankel Vs. Irish Mickey Ward I believe it would have been a great battle between 2 guys with a lot of heart and grit.
5. Which one of your many fights, would you say was a true grudge match, and why?
Martin O’Malley, he was one of my earlier fights, it was my first fight for a title, and it was a hard tough fight. I have my all and came out with the W. I broke his face, and I had 3 big cuts, it was a bloody war. I believe it was his last fight. I retired him. Not a bad event to add to my resume.
6. Who do you think was the best fighter that you stepped into the ring with, and why?
I have had the opportunity to get in the ring with some of the best fighters, locally and across this country. Most all of them were pretty tough and we had a great time every time. John Molina stands out to me because he just had a lot of good character, before, during. And after he was a Champion. But like I said, I have fought a lot of great Champions, too many to just choose one.
7. So we understand that you have hung up the gloves and is now training. How was your transition from actively boxing to now training?
It has been amazing!! I’m becoming a great coach and having that belief in myself where I didn’t before had proven that the mind is a powerful thing, what you think about it was you become.
8. You have been a fan favorite in Denver for a long time, do you think that for the most part that you have always had the support of the Denver boxing community?
Yes!! Since I started, I never realized the impact I could have on those around me. As I look back now, I’m overcome with gratefulness and I’m thankful for every one of them. A lot of the Fans I have made are friends first. And they now should know I am not just the fighter Rob, but also A Mentor, and someone people can talk to if they want to or need to. I don’t turn anybody away, I think that’s important, and good for any fighter that has had to fight their whole life just to be relevant in and out of the ring. Life’s not easy, but it is what you make it. I love the Colorado Fight fans and have always kept them come to my heart.
9. What is next for ‘Red Hot’ Rob Frankel?
HOF Boxing coach!! I want to be the best I can be coaching this next generation. My coaching is not all boxing. I’m giving my guys something I never realized was important, and that’s having a good thought process, no matter what having a good attitude in all situations, being present, mindful, and meditation are some of the tools I bring to camp. So far, I have had a great response with that from my fighters and those who are around and witness it? It is drawing good attention, and my team is really growing. I am thankful for the opportunity. Everything in life can be a learned lesson, good or bad, why not make it all good lessons that you can grow from.
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